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Open Call | Atelier for Arts and Production Managers


The Atelier for Arts and Production Managers Elefsina-Beirut that begins in Eleusis (1-5 May 2020) is implemented in 3 modules and is organized by The Festival Academy within the framework of Act for Global Change: A Global Conversation from the Arts to the World (ACT)’, supported by Creative Europe under the cooperation projects 2019 and by its organising partners Drosos Foundation, Eleusis 2021, Zoukak Theatre Company and Artlink.

Who can participate?

30 emerging arts and production managers from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Macedonia, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Serbia will be selected to exchange with peers as well as with experts.

This three-module programme addresses artists, cultural actors, early career arts managers and production managers or those who have ambitions to get involved in programming or producing art and art organizations who:

  • Wish to improve their art management skills
  • Learn from experts in the field 
  • Exchange ideas and best practices with their peers
  • Learn about new ways of cooperation and sustainable production and space and team management 
  • Learn about the organizational and technical process of realizing a production 
  • Interested in the relation between the artistic program and the practical/technical realization of it
  • Interested in the relation between artist, curator and production/technical staff
  • Interested in becoming part of a network to construct and share knowledge related to the topic.
  • Every age/ race/ gender.

What is the Atelier for Art & Production Managers?

The Atelier starts from the very essence of festivals – the arts, the artist and the audience – and all issues tackled during the training in one way or another relate to this essence, why we are doing what we are doing, for who and with who. It also addresses the ‘how’ we do things which relates more to the production side of a festival or art event.

Each training organised by The Festival Academy is tailor-made based on the needs of the specific group taking part in the programme based on the analysis of the expectations of the selected participants. It focusses on the topics and issues formulated in the participants’ application forms which are further developed and elaborated during the Atelier and relates to the context where the Atelier takes place, as such each Atelier is different. 

Programme – 3 Module Format

The Atelier for Art and Production Managers is set up as a long-term programme which explores all phases of programming a festival and producing an artistic work: a programme with 3 modules spread over May – December 2020 which explores all phases and challenges in the participants’ field of action.

·        Introductory Session – Module I | 1-5 May 2020, Elefsina/Greece

Module I focusses on the exchange between expert and emerging art and production managers on different ways of programming and producing artistic work and arts organisations.

·        Placement – Module II | Ongoing between May 2020 – November 2020 (Minimum 1 week) 

 Once participants have completed Module I, they can move on to Module II, a placement at a high- level arts organization or festival worldwide of minimum one week.

·        Concluding session – Module III | 3-6 December 2020, Beirut/ Lebanon

A 3-day concluding session brings together all experiences about the development of the festival and production managers’ work since Module I & II.

Participating in the training is only a beginning, Participants become part of a network of arts organisers, curators and production managers worldwide, a new regional network of managers from the region and of the global Alumni Network. 


Questions and topics that are raised during the programme are:

  • Different models of curating
  • Leadership
  • Vision and mission statements
  • Building and sustaining audiences/ communities
  • Innovation
  • The impact of art, and art organisations/ festivals
  • The role of arts managers and arts organization in a changing world
  • Sustainable business plan and fundraising (beyond subventions)
  • Working with new technologies
  • Sustainable production management
  • Space and people management
  • Different planning tools, tools for measurement, tools for analysis of challenges and opportunities
  • The relation between the artistic director and the production manager, with attention to realizing and implementing the vision of the artistic director looking at the practical implementation side with a special focus to working with artists
  • Other topics according to the needs of the participants and the local context of the Atelier

Expected results/outcome

·   Capacity, skills and knowledge building within a specific region. Digital toolkits collecting the knowledge shared to distribute to a larger arts/festival community in the region.

·    A platform for exchange in between arts and cultural colleagues taking up different roles and coming from different regions that share similar challenges and opportunities and which are linked historically (Balkans & MENA region).

·   Generating a better understanding and knowledge of the region and the possibilities for festivals and cultural organisations.

·    Becoming part of a regional network of upskilled cultural and production managers and of the global alumni network of The Festival Academy counting today 699 people from 80+ countries and all continents. 

·    Moreover, The Atelier offers time and space for imagining new collaborations with people coming from very different backgrounds, based on solidarity and incorporating fundamental universal values.


·    Fee to be covered by participants: 200 € for the 3 modules.

·    The participation fee is covering all the costs related to accommodation, per diem, travel, for Module I & III. For the placements (Module II), the host organisations offer accommodation, local transport costs, meals or a per diem and workplace insurance.

·    For more details on the practicalities of the training (travel, accommodation,  per diem and visa costs) you need to contact the Festival Academy at [email protected] 

·    Upon selection participants are requested to hand in a concrete plan for an artistic project they are working on or want to develop. This is a requirement to be allowed to take part in the training.

More information regarding the Atelier for Art and Production Managers you can find on Festival Academy’s website.

Application & Selection procedure

The 30 participants will be selected out of an open call for application. Applicants are asked to provide information on: who you are, what your work experience is, your expectations related to the programme and – most importantly: your motivation to participate in the programme.

You can apply by filling in the application form by 2 March 2020.

Selected applicants will be notified by 11 March 2020. 

Atelier for Arts and Production Managers Elefsina & Beirut organising partners

Main funding partner

The Festival Academy’s Initiator