Eleusis 2021

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The EUrbanisation theme is made up of 4 programmes, corresponding to significant areas of the challenge-need to redefine our relationship with the other. The “europe of citizens” programme focuses on the way in which European society relates internally; the way in which we relate to each other within the cultural construct that is europe.

This programme is inspired by Europe’s ambitions as a civil society, on the one hand, and by theatre on the other. Theatre is the political art par excellence. It is an art born within the framework of the city, the democratic city in fact. Democracy is the system for civic organization and theatre is the mechanism that allows citizens to discuss and criticize this system.

As the birthplace of Aeschylus, the first dramatist, Eleusis has a special relationship with the art of theatre. The programme focuses on both the political landscape of Europe and, through the “Aeschylus” project, on theatre as a tool for dialogue and political participation.