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The “EU Working Class” theme is made up of 4 programmes, corresponding to significant areas of the challenge-need to redefine our relationship with our self (the eu working class), which is crystallised in our relationship with work, since it is through work that we satisfy our survival, creativity and recognition needs. The “culture my profession/culture my hobby” programme focuses on the transformations undergone by the field of cultural production and the increasing fluidity of the boundaries between professional and amateur activity in that sector.

In these modern times, art is ever-present in the daily lives of citizens. The boundaries between professional and non-professional artists are becoming less and less distinct, as working conditions for artists and culture professionals differ widely from country to country. Overall, Europe is seeing increasing insecurity as regards the field of cultural production, as budget cuts are becoming a generalized phenomenon in most countries.What is interesting, however, is that, despite the reduced resources available, artistic activity and production is flourishing. This imbalance between resources and production is a unique phenomenon. In all other productive sectors, when workers stop getting paid, they also stop working. So is cultural production the “weakest link” in the production chain? Is art, after all, a profession or a hobby? And what are the qualifications and skills that future professionals need? How are the European Capitals of Culture placed to confront the increasingly fluid cultural workplace? This programme includes talks, meetings, projects and actions focused on the sustainability of the European cultural field and its importance for the overall sustainability of European societies.