The main  idea of the Eleusis program is summarized in the phrase «Transition to EUphoria». The vision for the artistic programme is incited by the challenge of sustainability, and nourished by our belief that art and culture are the “keys” to building a sustainable future. It is inspired by the Eu-Transition-Eleusis triptych, and seeks to answer the question: What would a city be like if art and culture were at the heart of every human activity? Both Eleusis and Europe, at this point in time, are invited to reinstate the concept of “eu” in daily life, to redefine a model of sustainability in order to proceed towards the future with optimism. Our vision focuses on a programme that systematizes the vocabulary of Transition to EUphoria. It draws inspiration from the history and significance of Eleusis and uses the city as a mirror, which reflects the issues that concern Europe today. It creates links throughout Europe, with people seeking new prospects, with initiatives establishing alternative proposals for overcoming the crisis, with ideas that go beyond the obvious and outside the box. Art and culture are the adhesive substance that binds these links. They are the common ground.


Year 2021 marks the 200th anniversary of the Hellenic Revolution, which led to the establishment of the modern Greek state. Revolutions are times of transformation and transition. Eleusis and Europe touch on the two great transitions that radically transformed human living conditions and…More


The 3 main themes are an attempt to systematize the vocabulary of EUphoria and highlight the relationship between sustainability and the connection of all human activities with art and culture. The 3 main themes correspond to the three great challenges that Eleusis and Europe as a whole are facing today… More