In essence, “eu” is the cellular element of art and culture. Today, in this time of crisis, our “eu-phoria” on reconnecting every aspect of human activity with art and culture.

Our vision emerges from «eu», the meeting point of Eleusis and Europe. «Eu» means «good», in the deeper sense of the term. It describes the difference between «good luck» and «happiness»; between «elation» and «eu-phoria». Thematically, the programme focuses on the three great challenges that the concept of sustainability is currently faced with, which also correspond to the three main categories of relationships that need to be redefined. First is the challenge of our relationship with the environment and nature (EUnvironment). Then comes the challenge of our relationship with others in the framework of society (social sustainability), which we approach through the contemporary city (EUrbanization). And finally, there is the challenge of the relationship between the individual and his or her Self (personal sustainability), which is crystallized in the individual’s relationship to work, i.e. to the need for survival, creativity and recognition (The EU Working Classes).

Each of the 3 themes includes 4 major programmes, resulting in 12 major programmes, as many as the months in a year. Moreover, the programme includes the “Innovation and Capacity Building Centre”, which spans all three thematic units. Each programme consists of a series of events and projects that combine diverse forms of artistic expression. Finally, the programme includes the infrastructure «Eleusis: The Living Museum», a project that documents the activities of the ECoC, links it to relevant resources throughout Europe and projects this material in both the digital and urban space, thus creating a living museum.