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State of Em(u)rgence / Mixdoor Project

September 2016 - September 2016

Within the frame of Aeschylia festival 2016, Motus Terrae – Center for Arts in Public Space is organizing  State of Em(u)rgence, a section focusing on Public Space. The section’s basic axis are the activities of the Creative Europe project New Forms in Mixdoor Performing Arts (Mixdoor Project). On September 3 and 4 the in situ performance ItinaiR will be presented and on September 5 an international conference will be held under the theme “Public space as a field of cultural development “.

Mixdoor project is an intercultural initiative between different art forms, artists and European countries (Hungary, Croatia, Poland, France, Greece). The Creative Europe project, New Forms in Mixdoor Performing Arts (Mixdoor Project) 2014-16, includes the in situ creation ItinaiR that will be held in Eleusis after its tour in Hungary, Croatia and Poland and an one-day international conference regarding the concept of Public Space.

The need of a new approach of the audience led us to explore different means of artistic creation and to develop a common ground between them. The exploratory process determined the project’s main axis: the combined use of Public space and indoor spaces (Mixdoor = outdoor & indoor). Our vision is to give new references to the concept of Public space and to introduce new audiences to the indoor cultural spaces. After two years of research through workshops, cultural exchange and connection with the local communities of the cities involved, the Mixdoor team closes its international tour in Eleusis.

ItinaiR – a multidisciplinary performance

Is there such thing as a perfect place? If so, is it somewhere high up in the skies or is it inside each and everyone of us?

A journey from the sky to the ground and then back again. We are inviting the audience to follow us on a passage from the external to the internal. By defying gravity, we reach proximity. At the end of the road we find each other.

Vertical dance and modern circus meet site-specific creation and 3D mapping in a multidisciplinary large scale performance. Our vision is to attribute new references to public space and introduce new audience into indoor theatre. ItinaiR is by nature, a site-specific creation, so each presentation will consist a unique event, inspired by and connected with the hosting environment. In each city different public spaces are connected with local sites of cultural interest (former industrial sites or cultural centres).

Mixdoor’s main partners are:

Hungarian Juggling Association (HU)

HIPP – Croatian institute for movement and dance (CRO)

TAK – Toruń Cultural Agency (PL)

Compagnie 9.81 (FR)

Motus Terrae – Centre for Arts in Public Space (GR)

With the support of:

Municipality of Elefsina
Centre for Culture, Sports, Social Policy & Pre-school Education of the City of Elefsina
Community Welfare Department of the City of Elefsina
Eleusis 2021
French Institute of Athens

“ItinaiR” will be touring in the summer of 2016:

17 & 18 June: Török Balint (HU)

24 & 25 June: Zagreb (CR)

2 & 3 July: Torun (PL)

3 & 4 September: Elefsina (GR)

5 September: International conference under the theme “Public space as a field of cultural development”. (Elaiourgiki Elefsina at 11 a.m)

The conference will be attended by representatives of Mixdoor partners and the municipalities’ representatives, representatives of Greek cultural organizations and special guest speakers.


Artistic Direction – Concept: Eric Lecomte (FR) – Ben Glass (HU) – Spyros Andreopoulos (GR)

Artistic Coordination: Spyros Andreopoulos (GR)

Aerial Choreographies: Eric Lecomte – Violaine Garros (FR)

Scenography – Installations – Costume Design: Edouardos Georgiou (GR)

Site-specific creation: Spyros Andreopoulos – Edouardos Georgiou (GR)

Music Composition: Petros Lampridis (GR), Endre Kertesz (HU), Borko Rupena (HR), Jacek Sotomski (PL), Marin Zivkovic (HR)

Music execution: (Elefsina): Petros Lampridis, Nikos Papavranousis, Angelos Kravaritis (GR)

Light designer: Yannis Konstantakopoulos (GR)

Video creation: Michal Sieniemiecki & Art4Media team (PL)

Safety & Aerial Technical Support: Balazs Orban (HU)

Production manager: Nikoleta Kontouli (GR)

Communication manager: Angeliki Lampiri (GR)


Violaine Garros (FR)

Ben Glass (HU)

Nicolina Komljenovic (HR)

Eric Lecomte (FR)

Balazs Orban (HU)

Karlo Mrska (HR)

Kasija Vrbanac (HR)

Szofia Zoletnik (HU)

Spyros Andreopoulos (GR)

Nikitas Anastopoulos (GR)

Manto Giannikou (GR)

Konstantinos Kottis (GR)

Savvas Sotiropoulos (GR)


September 2016
September 2016