Eleusis 2021

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Pilot Cities_Open Call


How can Eleusis be transformed when the residents undertake to plan the city long-term cultural strategy?

Eleusis is the only Greek city and one οf the 16 in European level involved in the international Pilot Cities project. A programme that considers the culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development of a city along with the economy, the environment and social inclusion.

Through the unique condition created by Eleusis 2021 and the institution of the European Capital of Culture, Eleusis is proceeding towards the transition to EUphoria , a new sustainability model that places art and culture at the heart of any human activity. Through the participation in the Pilot Cities, the city recognizes and strengthens the position of culture and the residents become the driving force behind the whole of the participatory programme.

 As we move on to the next phase of Pilot Cities, the planning phase, we invite all of those who live and/or work in Eleusis and Magoula and get excited by the idea of devoting themselves to the cultural strategy planning of the city, indicating their  participation interest for the establishment of an independent Residents Committee.

The ten-membered Residents Committee designs and supervises the planning phase (second phase) of the programme. The cultural policies are developed through the following nine commitments: Cultural Rights, Cultural Heritage – Diversity-Creativity, Environment, Economy, Equality-Social Inclusion, Education, Urban Planning and Public Space, Culture Knowledge and Information, Governance of Culture

Register here until June 03, 2019 

The Committee will be elected by the UCLG United Cities and Local Governments, and Eleusis 2021.

Priority will be given to participants who took part in the first phase of the programme, the self-assessment phase. This phase was completed in Eleusis, during the weekend of January 25-26, 2019, when 50  inhabitants received The Self-Assessment guide of  Culture 21 agenda and mapped the position of culture in the city currently and shaped the future priorities.

Stay tuned for more details!

Furthermore we present publicly the results of the self-assessment phase (first phase) of the  international programme. Where is culture located on the map of city’s sustainable development, according to its own residents? What are the results of the participatory workshop of January 25, 2019?

We present the results of Self-Assessment and the people of the city that compose the Residents  Committee on Wednesday, June 12 at (00:00) in the old railway station.

 Following the expression of interest of Eleusis 2021, European Capital of Culture, Eleusis participates in the Pilot Cities programme, for the period 2018-2020. The cities network programme includes: Galway, Gebrono, Lisbon, Izmir / Smyrna, Maastricht, Namur, Swansea, Terrasssa, Timisoara, Leeds, Nova Gorica, Tenerife, Rijeka, Esh-sur, Alzette, Eleusis and Eivissa / Ibiza including their cooperation during the programme.

The Pilot Cities programme is an initiative of UCLG United Cities and Local Governments in cooperation with the European Organisation Culture Action Europe aiming at the dissemination of Culture 21 agenda, establishing culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable urban development, along with the economy, the environment and social inclusion.

Clymene Christoforou is an arts producer and experienced cultural policy advisor. As a producer she is founding director of ISIS Arts, a visual and media arts organisation connecting artists to communities and bringing together artists across borders and cultures. An  a cultural policy advisor she has worked with many European platforms, national networks and regional committees to support and advocate for the value of arts and culture in our society.

Marta Llobet works as an advisor on Culture in Sustainable Cities for the UCLG Committee on Culture, strengthening the advocacy task of the Committee at a local and a global level to foster and make visible the relation between local cultural policies and sustainable development. She is also a freelance consultant for the Barcelona Provincial Council at the Centre for Cultural Studies and Resources (CERC) in the areas of cultural policy and management, specialised in the creation and dissemination of contents and reflection on the main trends that drive the world of cultural management.

Kornelia Kiss is Operations Director at Culture Action Europe. She has been working on the United Cities and Local Governments- Culture Action Europe joint “Culture in Sustainable Cities- Pilot cities Europe” project for over 2 years.   She is an international project management professional with wide ranging experience in both the private and the public sector.