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Satellite Meetings


Open call_Satellite Meetings_Culture 2030

Υour city opens up, your organization fans out!

Sign up at the Satellite Meetings. Organise your own Satellite Meeting in your city and connect with actors and artists from other places. Develop a dynamic cooperation with Eleusis 2021 / European Capital of Culture transferring the present and the future of contemporary artistic production from the centre to the periphery.

Submit your application by May 15th, 2019

What is it all about?

“Culture 2030”, the programme  of Eleusis 2021, is an initiative aiming to promote regional culture development looking ahead to 2030 and the next decade. For the creation of the cultural decentralisation conditions, Culture 2030 develops, city, organisations and professionals networking and capacity building activities for artists and culture professionals. On the logic of networking there is the central “Culture 2030” Meeting, which takes place every November in Eleusis, and the Satellite Meetings, offering the peripheral districts, the opportunity of initiating arts professionals in their cultural reality.
Through these Satellite Meetings the cities/bodies are introduced to the visiting artists, curators and professionals of cultural area. Cities show the artistic production of the local community and the local artistic community. They are interconnected with other cultural institutions for the development of innovative and fruitful cooperation.

With a view towards the decentralisation of cultural activity, we seek through the Satellite Meetings, new venues, reflection and networking in the periphery and there we investigate together, the issues, needs and perspectives of local cultural development.

Cities/institutions participating, become active cells of the regional cultural life and shall become points on the map of “Culture 2030” programme.

Each Satellite Meeting includes keynote speeches, workshops, networking and parallel artistic programme. The meetings curation is the result of the cooperation between the host city or organisation and Eleusis 2021.

Eleusis 2021 provides the know-how, co-curates the content and the Satellite Meetings programme undertaking the promotion of each project development process. In addition, Eleusis 2021 interconnects the participating members with each other and with the contemporary cultural Greek and international art scene.

The participating cities and organisations networking forms part of the long-term planning “Culture 2030” programme which leads to a new institution, the Greek Capital of Culture, seeking to act as a catalyst on the cultural development of the participating cities and the Greek cultural scene.

Who can participate?

The Satellite Meetings are addressed to municipal, public, private or independent cultural organizations, operating on a permanent basis, in towns, villages and islands of the Periphery, and function under various legal forms. Cultural organisation partnerships and entities of the city can also confirm their participation. Eleusis 2021 gives priority to Thriasion Plain with regard to a long-term cultural strategy in the region of Western Attica.


Eleusis 2021 covers the curation and coordination expenses as well as the travel and accommodation expenses of Eleusis 2021 members and associates, when they are travelling to member cities for the needs of Satellite Meetings. Eleusis 2021 undertakes also the promotion of Satellite Meetings project through its own communication and dissemination channels. On the other hand, the host organization covers the organizational and production costs. In addition it works closely with Eleusis 2021 for the curation of the programme of Satellite Meetings and a final evaluation of the project.

Practical information

Participation form

For more information, contact us at [email protected] or call at + 30 210 55 47 646.