Get to know the “Transition to EUphoria”!

Our proposal focuses on quality improvement that art and culture can bring, if they are put in the centre stage of every human activity. “EUphoria” represents an attempt to link all areas of human activities with art and culture, through addressing the new challenges of our time in a new light; environmental, social and economic ones. “EUphoria” is not just an idea; it is a way of thinking and acting, a way of functioning. It is fed and nurtured by the essential contribution of the people involved and it turns into a movement.

After all, involvement in participatory processes have been always a key feature of Eleusis’ character. In ancient times, the Eleusinian Mysteries were the only rites open to all citizens, regardless of their gender, race or social class, while in modern times, a mosaic of people from various parts of Greece and the world, who came here in search of work in the factories, shaped the city’s profile.

Every idea, a unique seed for EUphoria!

In case you want to read the the pre-selection phase’s bidbook, click here.