Eleusis 2021

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The team

Maria Panayides

Maria Panayides


Kelly Diapouli

Artistic Director

The artistic director of Eleusis 2021, Kelly Diapouli, has been involved in the establishment of the central idea and the artistic vision throughout the course of Eleusis’ bid for European Capital of Culture. She studied Theatre Studies and is a cultural manager with 15 years of experience in the fields of cultural networking, international cultural cooperation, as well as of direction and organisation of international programmes and events. Between 2004 and 2008, she worked in these fields for the Hellenic Culture Organisation – Cultural Olympiad and thereafter continued to do similar work for the Civil Non-Profit Company “busart”, of which she is a founding member, since 2009. She holds a degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Athens and European Cultural Policy and Administration from the University of Warwick (UK). She is an Onassis and Fulbright Foundation scholar, a member of the Alumni Network of the Festival Academy of the European Festivals Association (EFA), a member of the Young Cultural Innovators Forum of Salzburg Global and a member of IETM international network for contemporary performing arts and other bodies. She lives and works on a permanent basis in Eleusis.

Matina Alevizou

General Secretariat

Matina Irene Alevizou works and lives in Eleusis. She holds a BA in Music and History of Greek Civilisation, while she continues her postgraduate studies in Cultural Management (MSc) at the Hellenic Open University. The past 15 years she has worked in several cultural organisations and foundations and has attended seminars on cultural management, museum education, adult education and secretary skills for cultural organisations. Since November 2018 she is a member of Eleusis 2021 / European Capital of Culture team.

Georgia Voudouri

Director of Creative Industries

Georgia Voudouri is an architect (NTUA) specialised in Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication (MAA/IAAC) and holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Management (Panteion University). She has worked as an architect in Greece and abroad, and since 2010 she has been working as a curator and cultural project manager. In 2014 she co-founded Medianeras [concepts, curating, communication] a cultural management agency based in Athens. She has worked on projects ranging from architecture, art and technology to gastronomy, fashion and social entrepreneurship, and has significant experience in the project management of large-scale site-specific projects. Her research focus lies in the intersection between Space, Technology and Contemporary Art.

Niovi Zarampouka-Chatzimanou

Director of Art in Public Space

Niovi Zarampouka-Chatzimanou is a curator with an academic background in architecture and cultural management. She is the co-founder of MΕΣΑ Museum of People’s Free Thinking, a contemporary art outreach programme for prisoners in Greece. Her personal research interests and activities focus on socially engaged art projects and the public space as a land of political and social inte raction. Before joining the Eleusis 2021 team, she worked as Community Liaison in Athens for documenta 14.

Fotis Giannopoulos

Fotis Giannopoulos

Director of Marketing & Communications

Fotis Giannopoulos studied Communication and Aesthetics in France. He has worked as a Consultant and Communications Officer in public and private companies, as a freelance professional in the field of Communication, as a journalist / editor in printed matters. He has served as a Policy Advisor in national and local political formations. Ηe is currently working as Director of Communications & Marketing at Eleusis 2021 Cultural Capital of Europe.

Julia Evangelou

Head of Public Contracts, Procurement and Competitions

Julia Evangelou lives in Eleusis, where she was also born. She has studied Economic Sciences at the University of Patras. She has been an economist since 2005, experienced in Regional and Local Authorities and Legal Entities, with particular expertise in the area of their administrative and accounting support. She holds a B’ class accountant license. She is a very organised and orderly person, who enjoys sharing her free time with good friends and her family.

Evgenia Kavvadia

Manager of Audience Development & Participation

Born and raised in Eleusis in 1985, Evgenia Kavvadia is a communication specialist and a social scientist with diversified work experience in research, adult education and non-profit sector. Also, she has developed social activity with NGO’s and socially vulnerable groups, especially children and adolescents. She studied Communication and Mass media at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and she also holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science and Sociology from the Faculty of Political Science and Administration.

Ioulia Kolovou

Accountant Manager

Ioulia Kolovou was born and raised in Eleusis. She graduated from the Department of Economics from the University of Piraeus. She is currently a postgraduate student of the distance learning Master Degree in Business Administration of the University of Nicosia and she has attended certified seminars of accounting and Payroll. Since 2013 she had been working in a Commercial and Industrial S.A. She is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece and has Accountant’s class A professional ID.

Yannis Koukmas

Director of Audience Development & Participation

Yannis Koukmas is a Social Anthropologist (Aegean University) with a postgraduate degree in Modern European History (University of Athens) and Cultural Management (Hellenic Open University). He has been working at the Ethnological Museum of Thrace since its foundation in 1998 with main responsibilities the strategic planning, audience engagement and development, volunteer education, communication-social media, organising international conferences, seminars, workshops and events, and fundraising. He is a member of the Greek section of the ICOM (International Council of Museums), member of the Board of the Greek Oral History Association, as well as one of the founders of the Oral History Group of Alexandroupolis. His research interests include cultural policy, cultural management, audience development, memory, oral history and migration.

Angeliki Lampiri

Director of Cultural Strategy

Angeliki Lampiri is a cultural manager with six years professional experience in European festivals, contemporary art exhibitions and European networks’ meetings such as IETM, Culture Action Europe, Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Fabbrica Europa Festival, Festival au Désert Firenze and participation in European projects such as Tandem Europe, “Nostoi -Histoires de retours et d’exodes” and “Mixdoor – New Forms in Mixed Performing Arts Practices”. Since 2016 she has worked in Eleusis 2021 as Production Coordinator. She studied Cultural and Artistic Events’ Management in Florence and graduated in Finance & Banking Administration from the University of Piraeus.

Maria Livaniou

Director of Finance & Administration

Maria Livaniou was born and raised in Eleusis. She studied Accounting, and she has also attended seminars on International Accounting Standards, Greek Accounting Standards and Payroll. Her career in accounting has covered the whole range of specialties in organised accounting for 15 years, of which 9 years she has been an Accounting Officer in a European business group based in Austria. At the same time, she runs her own accounting office, by providing services to S.A. companies and, also, to all legal entities and individuals. She was the accountant of the company that was responsible for the Eleusis 2021 bid, gaining experience from Public Accountancy, while she currently works as Chief Accountant at Eleusis 2021. She has the right to sign A-class financial statements, certified by the Athens Chamber of Commerce.

Chryssa Martini

Architect, Department of Development and Legacy Head of Premises & Infrastructure

She was born and raised in Athens.

She studied in Athens and Thessaloniki and has worked mainly in Athens. Having obtained a Master of Arts from the Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design from the University of West Attica and a Master of Sciences from the Department of Architecture from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, she has collaborated with large organizations, architectural offices and construction companies as an Architect and Interior Designer. Meanwhile, she conducts private projects in sustainable architectural design study, supervision and construction. The National Bank of Greece (Department of Technical – Architectural Services) and architectural offices such as I.&A. Vikelas, K. Kyriakides etc, are some of her main collaborations.  Her total working experience is almost two decades. 

Her late Certificate in Industrial Archaeology from the Kapodistrian University of Athens aroused her strong interest about Industrial Heritage and her participation in relevant conferences led her to the study of Eleusis, the city with the richest Industrial Heritage in Greece.  She is member of non-governmental organizations and volunteer groups for the urban development of Athens and the preservation of the Industrial Heritage.

She has been a member of Eleusis 2021 team since October 2018 in the Department of Urban Development & Legacy. She delivers architectural studies, she is responsible for drafting technical specifications, technical monitoring and planning, depending on the Greek laws and supervises works in spaces or buildings, designed for the program of the ECoC. She also assists in real estate management for Eleusis 2021 and manages the buildings used by the Company.   

She is a basic member of all the Committees formed from Eleusis 2021 in order to control all the supplies, the services and the deliverables from artists and collaborators.

At the same time with her architectural activity, she creates objects of art and her projects are presented in artistic exhibitions. She also produces texts on Architecture and Design which are published on relevant websites.

Ioanna Ntali

Digital Communications Manager

Ioanna works in communications and marketing, specialising in digital communications marketing. She holds a BA from the Communications, Media and Culture department of Panteion University of Athens, and has worked with several organisations in Paris, Zurich and Athens on communications and event management for cultural, social and environmental projects. Currently, she is the Digital Communications & Marketing Manager of Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture.

Maria Papakonstantinou

Manager of Public Contracts, Procurement and Competitions

Maria Papakonstantinou was born and raised in Eleusis. She holds a BA from the Department of Economic & Regional Development of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences of Athens. She is an Economist-Regionaleologist with 15 years of experience in the private and public sector while she has been working in regional heavy industry companies during the past few years. She has been an adult education instructor in Vocational Training Institutions and has attended seminars on Human Resources Management, Payroll Legislation, Digital Entrepreneurship, Social Networks & Social Entrepreneurship. She is a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece.

Eleni Riga

Director of Contemporary Art

Eleni Riga is an independent curator working mainly in the field of contemporary art. She has studied contemporary art and curating at Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris and Media, Culture and Communication at Panteion University, Athens. Recently, she has worked as a curatorial assistant at documenta 14 in Athens and in Kassel while in the past she has collaborated with many institutions in France, Greece and Switzerland. In 2015, she co-founded the art & research platform hd.kepler. focusing on the notions of alterity, cultural translation and mediation using celestial symbols.

Eleni Rozi

Eleni Rozi

Board of Directors Secretary

Eleni Tzounopoulou

Project Coordinator

Eleni Tzounopoulou has studied Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies at the University of Patras and she continued her studies at a Master’s level specialising in Cultural Management (MSc Hellenic Open University). Since 2010, she has been working at Cultural Organisations in Greece (Municipal Library-Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Patras, Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Eleusis) and, until now, she serves as a volunteer with NGOs, artistic organisations and universities in Greece and abroad, on the development of strategies for the management and promotion of culture with reference to the participation of local communities. She is a member of the “Association of Heritage Consultants” and from 2013, she has been actively involved in the planning and legislation of the first Cultural Heritage Park in Greece, The Parrhasian Heritage Park of the Peloponnese, which is under designation process as a protected landscape.

Peggy Tsolakaki

Director, Department of Development and Legacy

Peggy Tsolakaki was a key member of the team throughout the bidding process for the ECoC title, both as a member of the Board and one of the bid book authors. She has worked for several years at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University Of Athens, as a teaching assistant in the fields of Urban Planning and Spatial Planning. Since 2005, she has collaborated with various relevant companies as an engineer of Urban Planning, Spatial Planning and Development Studies, studies on the ‘Athens 2004’ Olympic Games, and has also worked in the Local Government as a consultant on Development, Operational Plans and European Programmes, as well as in the exploitation and development of public property, in collaboration with the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (T.A.I.Π.Ε.Δ.), with a total experience of thirteen years.

At the same time, she actively participated in the organisation committee of the Aeschylean Festival from 2007 to 2015 and was a member of the EASA 007 conference in Eleusis, as well as a founding member of the “ActRAdio” cultural group, which is based in Eleusis since 2008. She is an engineer of Urban – Spatial Planning and Regional Development, a graduate of the Polytechnic School of the University of Thessaly, with postgraduate studies in Urban Planning at the N.T.U.A., and a scholar of State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.). She has completed postgraduate courses in Development and Mediterranean Development at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier, and in Tourism Development at the Panteion University, while she has been working on her Thesis at the National Technical University of Athens, which is on Tourism as a development tool, with participation in various research projects.

Xenofondas Dialeismas

Department of Development and Legacy

Xenofondas Dialeismas was born and raised in Athens. He holds a MEng in Architecture (Polytechnic School, Democritus University of Thrace), a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Urban Design (ETH, Zurich). He has research experience on issues concerning informally developed urban areas, large scale programs aiming at the upgrade and spatial integration of such areas into the formal city as well as on participatory processes. Since 2016 he is a PhD candidate at the School of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens where he conducts research on the interplay between formal policies and informal practices regarding housing production on emerging mega-cities of the Global South and on the role of design and planning. He has taught undergraduate courses of urban planning and design at the department of Architecture at Polytechnic School, Democritus University of Thrace (2013-2016) as well as at School of Architecture at National Technical University of Athens (2016-2019).

Christos Christopoulos

Production Manager, Contemporary Art