Eleusis 2021

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The EUnvironment theme is made up of 4 programmes, corresponding to significant areas of the relationship between contemporary humans and the environment. The “Ecoculture” programme focuses on climate change, energy and recycling.

It is a commonly accepted fact that our relationship with the environment is perhaps the greatest challenge for the future. Eleusis is a city where the effects of development on the environment are practically a global problem, since environmental pollution from industry has affected the erstwhile sacred place of worship of Mother Earth, nature. From the 1960s to the 1980s, the natural environment of Eleusis has suffered major degradation. This resulted in the population becoming particularly involved in matters regarding the environment. Eleusis was and still is a pioneering city in Greece when it comes to recycling. It is the only city in Greece with a Municipal Urban Waste Management Centre. At the same time, many innovative raw material recycling companies are active in the area.

The programme includes projects and events that focus on environmental issues, climate change, energy, pollution, recycling, reuse, the cyclical economy. The main project in this unit is an Ecofestival, with works of environmental art and projects and events that raise awareness about environmental protection.