Eleusis 2021

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Τhe third main theme corresponds to the great challenge that Eleusis and Europe as a whole are facing today: the challenge-need to redefine our relationship with our Self (The EU Working Classes), which is crystallised in our  relationship with work, since it is through work that we satisfy our survival, creativity and recognition needs. Our need for survival, creativity and recognition is crystallised by our relationship to work. Increasing unemployment all over Greece, and the search for job satisfaction, are perhaps the greatest challenges we face today. Sustainability at local, national and European level depends hugely on our capacity to adapt to a constantly mutating work environment. Innovation depends on our ability to link ideas to their implementation, art to production. The “The EU Working Classes” theme imagines future human resources and competitiveness arising through the connection of art with productive sectors such as industry, commerce and services. It creates synergies between artists and businesses from various sectors, between artists and scientists, between artists and athletes, through 4 different programmes. The “Art Industry” programme connects art to productive sectors such as industry, commerce and services. The programme “The future begins here” focuses on science, technology and innovation as factors shaping the future working environment. The “Arts and Sports” programme focuses on leisure, and links art to athletic activities. Finally, the “Culture My Profession/Culture My Hobby” programme focuses on the transformations undergone by the field of cultural production and the increasing fluidity of the boundaries between professional and amateur activity in that sector.