Eleusis 2021

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The “EU Working Class” theme is made up of 4 programmes, corresponding to significant areas of the challenge-need to redefine our relationship with our self (the eu working class), which is crystallised in our relationship with work, since it is through work that we satisfy our survival, creativity and recognition needs. The programme “the future begins here” focuses on science, technology and innovation as factors shaping the future working environment.

The programme links art with science, technology and innovation. In particular, it focuses on sectors such as medical science and modern technologies, with works produced as a result of contacts between European artists from various fields (performing arts, speech arts, music, visual arts) and these sectors. The artworks compose the material for an open festival,  and are placed in such away as to create routes through the city that constitute both pathways and projections of the future. The festival also includes a series of talks, workshops and educational programmes based on the themes touched on by the artworks.